Express Diesel Services is a professional diesel truck repair service in Big Spring, TX. We are “Your Friends In The Service Industry.” Trucks generally break down more often than average-sized vehicles due to the excessive weight they must propel and the additional force they need to quell when braking. Don’t let this additional weight and brake time slow you down when we have quality maintenance services designed to help.

A diesel engine, also known as a compression-ignition engine, injects fuel into the combustion chamber at a high temperature. The force generated by this process is much greater than a traditional spark ignition engine. This force does lead to faster speeds, but it can create disastrous results if you choose not to have your system calibrated regularly. A misaligned injector might coat other areas around your engine with hot fuel, affecting their function and causing damages.

Express Diesel Services sells a reinforced steel tube to cover the injection system in your vehicle. This item directs your fuel right where it needs to go. It doesn’t matter what kind of bumps your truck passes over; your injector will never skew when covered with this piece.