Express Diesel Services is dedicated to the betterment of automotive vehicle operators in Big Spring, TX. We have been in the business for 18 years, and in that time, we have helped countless individuals operate their vehicles more effectively. This is not only our work but also our passion. Even before we operated a commercial company, our time was spent researching and servicing cars of all types.

We were employees of a number of other repair facilities before starting our own. After working for various institutions, we realized that a lot of shops are not properly outfitted with the tools and experience necessary to give professional-grade diesel repair and roadside assistance. We took the chance and started Express Diesel Services with a strong emphasis on timely automotive repair. The community embraced it completely, and we have been fully repairing our customers’ vehicles ever since.

The most important and vulnerable part of a truck is its tires. Express Diesel Services provides the best tire and wheel service in town. The reason most truck tires leak air or pop is because they are not built to distribute weight effectively. We can give you a tire change and swap the standard tires you have on your truck with extra-wide ones. These can carry exceptionally more weight, and protect the streets you drive on from cracking.

Another way Express Diesel Services helps trucks support weight efficiently is by installing shock absorbers in the wheel wells of your vehicle. You can transport the heaviest hauls of lumber and metal once you outfit your vehicle with our parts. It is time to meet “Your Friends In The Service Industry.” Stop by our location at your earliest convenience, or give us a call when you need emergency towing and roadside assistance.