Big Spring’s Welding Service

Express Diesel Services is a friendly and professional welding contractor in Big Spring, TX. When it comes to securing two pieces of metal together, there is nothing that is more effective than welding. It is the only way to make the working parts of your automobile retain their integrity when exposed to the heat and pressure of operation.

Seek Professional Assistance

If you need to weld an item, do not attempt to do the job yourself if you do not have proper experience. When the heat is applied for too long, the melted metal runs all over the surface of your item. Once this happens, it is impossible to remove the streaks and ripples. Not to mention, you are working with an extremely hot blow torch that can easily lead to permanent damage if handled with unsteady hands. Do the smarter thing and bring your project into our welding shop.

Superior Welding from a Team You can Trust

As a local welder, Express Diesel Services makes sure to keep the visual integrity of your items intact during our services. Even though we utilize a small and precise flame to weld items together, the heat can still lead to oxidation. Oxidation makes a blue and black border around the weld. In order to heal this, we utilize a very powerful belt sander t0 remove the uppermost layer of the metal. After we are finished, the only evidence of our work is a seamless weld.

Our welding repair is perfect for broken bicycles, metal furniture reconstruction, or wood burning. If you want to add new items to your truck, auto parts welding from Express Diesel Services is the perfect option. We can put rear view mirrors, hood ornaments, or new key holes onto your vehicle.

We offer 24-hour mobile welding service, as well as roadside emergency service. When you need help from professionals you can trust, be sure to call us at Express Diesel Services.

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